Big Bear's Fey Chalet

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The Cabin

The Fey Chalet is a one bedroom/one bath cabin located in Sugarloaf, CA near Big Bear Lake. With a Queen size bed and two full-size futons it sleeps 6 people comfortably, and both a full kitchen and a kettle barbeque are available... (more)

Big Bear

The Big Bear Area is Southern California's premier four season resort as well as two world class ski areas making it Southern California's winter playground. All sorts of water sports, fishing and resort activities fill out the year... (more)

The Novel

Author Dorian Taylor liked both Big Bear and the Fey Chalet so much he used them as the setting for his novel Frabjous Days. Soon to be a paperback, now an ebook available in most outlets. Take a 99 cent vicarious vacation... (more)

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